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Charles R. Dyer
Consultant to Law Libraries and Court Systems

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Charles R. Dyer is a consultant to law libraries and court systems. While available for consulting in law library administration generally, he specializes in helping court systems and law libraries work with self-represented litigants and in training those interested in legislative advocacy for law libraries, especially public law libraries, court systems, and other justice system agencies. Secondary specialties include private fund raising and grantsmanship.

Mr. Dyer is also an author and scholarly researcher. Over the years, he has written on a large number of topics, mostly in connection with the administration and governance of public law libraries. His present research interests are directed toward the interdisciplinary study of philosophy, law, cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, and information science. In addition to theoretical work, he is concerned with practical applications of his findings, which leads to the current emphases in his consulting practice.

This website contains not only information on Mr. Dyer’s consulting practice and scholarly activity, but also materials that can be used directly by law librarians and similarly interested parties. Material is added to the site continuously. Please feel free to contact Mr. Dyer about any information you see on this site. Small amounts of free mentoring is a component part of his practice.

Many articles are in PDF format which require the Adobe Reader to open the files. To download the Adobe Reader click here.

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